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too shy for her own good
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Take an average girl. Add an introverted and quirky nature, including the strange sense of humor inherited from her father, her mother's likeness, three younger siblings... or make that five, two cats, a bush of curly hair, and dragonfly bracelet. In a separate bowl combine a dab of musical talent with corresponding sheet music, a packed bookshelf, a lifelong love affair with art supplies, a smear of Alaskan mud, a heaping tablespoon of love for animals and insects, some college student ramen noodles, a dictionary and thesaurus, a few pressed flowers, and anything else earth-toned on hand. Slowly stir this mixture into the first, pour into a pan, and bake at 350. Remove after 22 years or when a pale winter-induced color. Top with an umbrella and sprinkle with scarves if desired.
When done, the result should be both observant and oblivious, often too serious for her own good, a daydreaming writer, decent at foosball, a major Zelda fan, an ironically bad cook, and punctual to a fault. She should love to learn and be with her family, and just happen to love playing soccer despite being to shy to join in. She should find pleasure in gifting friends and acquaintances with artwork, clay sculptures, and origami books. Ultimately this girl will make a thoughtful, self-conscious, and hopelessly nerdy friend, an ambitious and quick-witted student, and an artist, always, at heart.
Makes one serving.
I read :iconthejenjineer:'s journal and was suddenly and irrevocably called upon to do this.

- You must post these rules.
- Each person has to share 13 things about them
- Answer the 13 questions asked to you and invent 13 questions the people you tag will have to answer 
- Choose 13 people
- Go to their page to inform them they are tagged
- YOU MUST MAKE A JOURNAL ENTRY. NO COMMENTS. Unless you're commenting about the actual entry.
- You have to finish this within a week.
- Be creative with the title. No "I've Got Tagged" things.

Thirteen Things About Me:

1. Stairs are a fear I face every day of my life. To explain, it's more the height that I'm afraid of, but that's the purpose of stairs, isn't it, to take me up where I'd rather not be but it doesn't bother normal people at all so everyone just loves to put stairs all over the place and go up and down them as though it's nothing and there isn't any potential at all for anyone to suddenly tumble to their death... For some reason I'm perfectly fine going down stairs, but when I go up them I get some crazy vertigo and always feel like I'm about to fall backwards.

2. I think I may be meant to be a drummer. When I'm really into a song I can just sit there and beat it out in different patterns on my lap or anything around me. I can even keep it up for songs on end and not get bored. That's how I jam, I guess, since I can't really dance. The problem with actual drums is that they are way too loud for me, I guess I like things to be much more quiet. So I'm no drummer, though somehow I might have potential.

3. Hablo espanol. Soy muy gringa y todo, pero esta bien. Estoy actualmente leyendo Harry Potter y la Camara Secreta, en espanol, claro. Casi no tengo nadie con quien hablar, y estoy demasiada timida para hablar con los demas por todos modos. Es triste :( 

4. It's my birthday in less than a week. I'm going to be 22. Hopefully I'll get some ice cream or something.

5. I love natural colors. Green is my favorite, but I also love browns and greys. Nice, neutral colors, all shades. I'm not much of a neon or rainbow person. I wonder if that makes me a boring one for how I dress? I guess I make up for it with fun jewelry and scarves.

6. I've been learning Latin in college. There's a special kind of quirky-ness that can only be found in a Latin classroom, speaking of teachers and students alike. For some reason I've always liked to write down quotes from people, so these are a few of my favorites from my Latin class so far: 
    "We communicate with dead communities. It's like a legal necromancy."
    "Remember the subjunctive? It remembers you. It's hunting you down as we speak..."
    "It's like saying that you have to put your left sock on first, or you're not even clothed."
    "It could make for a bad Tuesday morning if you're on the accusative side of that stick."
Some of that would probably be funnier if you knew anything about Latin grammar.

7. (Wow, 13 is a bigger number than I remember.) Let's see. Okay. I once went to a neighbor's wedding with my mom. They had these beautiful ivy-covered pillars all over the place, which were great for hiding behind. In my opinion they should be mandatory in all public locations. We grabbed a plates of food, ate it quickly and quietly in the foyer where there were no other people, and then jumped ship and went home. It was a beautiful introverted bonding moment. :D My mom's always trying to get me to be social but it's clear that I got it all from her, though my dad helped too.

8. Speaking of that last one, I'm afraid of people. It's actually a bit tragic, and perhaps comic in the irony of it all. People are so scary. They just make me want to run away and hide, though I'm pretty good at not doing that. I don't know how to talk to anyone, or even look at them. But at the same time I can feel so lonely. I think one of my greatest wishes is to have friends, yet one of my greatest fears is of people. 

9. I love rain :aww: There's a special kind of happy, dance around, open all the windows, that only rain gives me. 

10. I want to be an editor when I grow up, graduate from college, and do all that good stuff. My dream is to work for a publishing company that specializes in YA fiction/fantasy novels and help people publish their books and fulfill their dreams. Then someday, when I get married and have kids (whenever that happens, not anytime soon) I can dedicate myself to writing all the dear stories I have running around in my own head, and I'll already have all the connections and know the people one needs to get things like publishing a book done :aww:

11. I am the oldest of 6 kids. I haven't seen the brother that's just younger than me for 2 years because he's on a mission in France, and I miss him. After him are two girls who are teenager-ing it all over the place, and they're both artistic and fun to hang out with. After them are two troublesome boys. They're wild little creatures who are also quite adorable. This summer I unthinkingly introduced them to Mario, and since that moment I have not had a day (when I'm home with them) that they don't beg for me to play it with them, because they're not old/good enough to play it by themselves. Man, if I'd started as young as them I'd be a pro by now. They're going to dress up as Mario and Luigi for Halloween :D

12. I'm from Alaska. It's very green and beautiful. I don't think I could ever be happy living somewhere that doesn't have mountains. The glaciers are a plus too. Also, we eat moose, it's true. I've never had whale blubber though. One of my friend's family owns the local reindeer farm, where people can come to hand-feed actual reindeer.

13. On my phone's unlock screen I have this picture:

It's pretty effective.

Okay then!
QUESTIONS FROM :iconthejenjineer::

1. Whose superpowers would you like to have? Keep in mind you have to take their weaknesses. If you pick Superman, you're gonna be vulnerable to green rocks that are probably available on eBay.

Hmm, let's see. I did a bit of research and think I'm going to have to go with the Green Lantern. For one thing, it's green themed. For another, you can fly, and create things with your mind. And it's a ring, which is also cool to me. The weakness I suppose would depend on the weakness of your own mind, or potentially wood. But in that way it's like a sonic screwdriver so who can blame it.

2. What's your favorite book? If you have to list several, that's alright by me.

I think my very favorite could be Plain Kate, by Erin Bow. I read it a couple times a year and cry though the last few chapters without fail.
Then it could be Howl's Moving Castle, by Diana Wynne Jones. She's one of my favorite authors, so really I love anything I read by her.
I also love Garth Nix, especially his Abhorsen trilogy.
The Bartimaeus Trilogy is also up there, by Jonathan Stroud I believe.
Oh, and there's Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, of course.
Also The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman.
And The Armitage Family Stories by Joan Aiken
And so on.

3. When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grow up?

I don't think I ever really knew what I wanted to be. I remember once saying I wanted to be a teacher, because my elementary school teacher was the one asking, but I think it just sounded like a decent idea at the time. I've always loved art but never really thought of myself being an artist as a profession. I don't think I knew until I graduated high school, which is when I decided that I want to be an editor.

4. What movie do you feel was always under-appreciated?

Well, my mind just kind of went blank so I reached for my DVD case and looked through it. Of the ones there, I think my favorites that I never hear about and thusly can only suppose to be under-appreciated are Megamind and Secondhand Lions :D

5. Introvert or extrovert?

Very much the introvert.

6. What was your favorite show when you were young? How about now?

Young, as in preschool, it was Sonic the Hedgehog. I would come home from school, grab a bag of chocolate chips from the freezer, and run downstairs to the TV just as it started :D
A bit older and it could have been Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends.
Now my favorites consist of Merlin, Doctor Who, and Gravity Falls.

7. What's your favorite time of day?

I think my favorite time of day could be evening, right about when the sun is setting or a little bit later. Everything is cooling off, and the lighting is a little bit magical. There aren't very many people around, so it's a lovely time to be walking about, very peaceful and quiet :aww:

8. Would you bow down before our future robot overlords or join the resistance? To fill you in, the robots offer us peace and justice based on pure logic, but we have to give up the right to govern ourselves.

Hmmmm. Well, I like the idea of peace and justice, and logic for that matter, but I don't know if the robot overlords would understand people enough for everything to work out. But I'm also not much of an active resistance-type person. Maybe I could be a mostly neutral party and in my way secretly be on both sides, providing them with information/goods depending on whoever needed them most. I always root for the underdogs.

9. What fictional character do you most relate to?

In every fictional group of characters there's always that quiet nerdy one, and with very little variation they are my favorite because they react about how I would. :meow:

10. You're thrown into the arena with a mythical monster. With your skills, what kind of monster do you think you have the best chance of defeating? (examples to help you out: dragon, zombie, sphinx, vampire, cyclops, etc)

I am well equipped to vanquish any household bugs. I have quick reflexes for the more despicable ones and releasing techniques for the ones that I don't mind. I don't know how well I'd fare against anything more mythical... I'm at the level of an extra who has a 50/50 chance of being eaten or surviving by sheer luck.

11. Do you have this foreboding sense hidden in the back of your mind that the world was slowly ending ever since it began and each moment we're closer to the inevitable end than we've ever been before?

Mm, nope. ;D Though I suppose it makes logical sense, doesn't it?

12. What's your favorite website?

I don't really love any websites, but I'm a fan of November is coming! :D

13. Who's your favorite dead celebrity?

Gee, I don't know. Depending on your definition of celebrity I guess I could say Diana Wynne Jones or Steve Irwin aka the Crocodile Hunter.

I hereby tag all those who read this whose first or last names begin with the letters M, S, or W. Or, I suppose, if that doesn't include you and you want to do it that would be okay too.

Aaand my own 13 questions to future generations of this thing:

1. What natural disaster are you most afraid of?
2. If you could have magic, but it was defined/limited by the rules of a particular world (like Harry Potter, The Circle Opens (by Tamora Pierce), Merlin, Lord of the Rings, or whatever suits your fancy), what would you choose?
3. If you had a magical food that gave you some sort of special abilities (like Mario and mushrooms, or Popeye and spinach), what would it be and what would it do to you?
4. What is the biggest thing that you hate? Yes, I'm talking about size.
5. If you were a shoe what would you look like?
6. What would you be like if you were a radio personality?
7. If you were going to die 27 minutes from this very moment, what would you do with that time?
8. If you could completely understand one other human being, who would you choose?
9. What would you be if you were a type of building found in your typical city?
10. Why do we look at the sky?
11. If you could change three things that are around you at this very moment, what would they be?
12. How do you sleep?
13. If you were a fortune cookie, what would you say?
  • Listening to: the air conditioning
  • Reading: Harry Potter y la camara secreta
  • Watching: Pushing Daisies
  • Playing: Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright
  • Eating: pizza
  • Drinking: Utah tap water

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